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Takomo Golf


  • Brand Story
  • Graphic Design

Takomo is an awesome golf equipment company that has a totally new way of approaching the golf equipment market. Riddled with expensive gear on the market, they found a way to create the same quality and design by cutting the corners where it’s valuable to the customer. The D2C approach (look it up on google) helps them to put more effort on the manufacturing and design rather than supply chains. With the tactics lined up and working they wanted someone to write their story.

When we started the project with Takomo, we brought in 7 pizzas and asked the simple question: “Why did you start selling golf clubs?”. With hot, steamy and delicious pizzas waiting on the table they didn’t hesitate and answered:” We wanted to bring the Scandinavian mindset to golf – quality and durability without compromising on style, for everyone”.

Okay, that’s not what they said, but that was what they wanted to say. We believe that a good, ageless, and true brand story is created by listening to the people who know everything about the company, and also understanding what they want to tell about their company. Brand storytelling is mostly translating the company’s own story to how they wish their customers to understand their story. With bits and pieces of what you learn, you can start to write a story that gives the whole company its identity. We believe that a brand story is an important step in creating brands, it tells what the company really stands for and it sets the tone for the company, years to come.

Oh and because we bought pizzas we got the opportunity to try our skills on designing the look on their first own golf shaft. We wrote the story, saw the vision and designed a shaft that is now used worldwide by golfers that read the story of Takomo and wanted to be part of something amazing. 

Give Takomo a follow on their channels and check out the whole story we wrote for them www.takomogolf.com

Sneakpeak of the shaft design

Project team

Taija Viklund

Jami Uuttu


Joonas Salminen


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