The story of when two became one.

Espoo Golf


  • Strategic Branding
  • Brand Photography
  • Digital Marketing

Two separate golf clubs next door to each other had cooperated for a long time. The cooperation was so deep that one and the same person took care of the operational activities. However, the golf clubs’ histories, cultures and operating methods were very different.

What was expected from us was the help in merging these two golf clubs, re-examining and renewing the methods of operation and seeking new modern and efficient ways of working, and as a result, serve its customers even better.

The project started with comprehensive consumer research and strategy work which deepened customer understanding and created the framework for the merger and for the coming years. In order to commit players to the merger and to the new strategy, a new unified brand was created. The brand renewal included the creation of a brand strategy, value promises, slogans, renewal of the visual look and Espoo Golf’s story, brand photography, renewed websites and scorecards, and the launch of a new brand.

This is how the renewed Espoo Golf was born – a versatile, brave, forward-looking, customer-oriented community. A modern golf community that looks like its players. The connection of two independent golf courses with its roots and heart in Espoo. With long-term investment in the brand, the aim is over time to gain much-needed attraction to membership acquisition, a strategic competitive advantage, new business partners and vitality for Espoo Golf.

Project team

Taija Viklund

Project management, strategist, brand marketing

Aleksi Mustonen

Graphic Design

Joonas Salminen


Henri Karttunen


Jami Uuttu


Robert Lindström

Course photography

Jaakko Ikonen

Brand Photography

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